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Kip’s Cup

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Missing you during temporary shutdown.

Hello, Darlin!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I want to take this time to assure you that we are doing everything we can to insure your safety and well being while you are having tea with us. We do more than the CDC requires. We have HEPA filters in every room. Hand sanitizer is on each table and throughout tea house,  We clean the bathroom at least 4 times an hour and try to after each use. We sanitize door handles during  teas. The staff are wearing mask and gloves at all times. We have Lysol, sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes in the bathroom for your peace of mind. We are using  Lysol disinfectant spray in the Gift Shoppe, as needed. We are only having 11:30 tea time due to our cleaning process after each tea. There is just not enough time to clean by our own standards before a 2:30 seating. We are being careful!

We appreciate you and your business. We want you to enjoy your experience with us. I hope this gives you comfort that we are looking out for our guests. I can’t wait until the tea house is full of laughter and tinkling tea cups! 

Hugs and Love,


My Cup and Snow​

Everyday I post on my Facebook page and Instagram what Elmwood Inn tea I am enjoying that particular day.  I love the responses I get. I enjoy seeing your pretty tea cups and learning what tea you are having. It’s kinda like we are having tea together. The mug pictured was gifted to me by Sweet Rosebud. I love the verse and it is a gentle reminder to trust what He has in store for me that day. I do not worry about tomorrow, next week, or even next year. Today is a GIFT from our Lord and I relish in it and use every ounce of it. As for this particular background... well, I LOVE snow! I have been wishing for it all season. Have tea with me every morning. I will be thinking of you. 

Hugs, Kip